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Submit a Listing for Weekly Email Blast

The Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce values your time and electronic ink! Unless it is an urgent request, we have disciplined ourselves to one email blast a week, and then only when we have something to say.


With that in mind, if you have an event, special, or community announcement that you would like for us to include, you can use the form below for a submission that will guide you through all the information we need.


We will only list events that fall under the category of being "special," ongoing or routine services will not be considered. Submissions for consideration will be included in a blast and put on the Hyde Park Chamber's calendar at the discretion of the board.


Requesting does not guarantee any service or action by the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce. This service is available to the membership of the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce only.

Please email us at if you have anything you would like to have blasted out to your fellow Hyde Park Chamber members!

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